पर्दे का अर्थ


The पर्देकपड़े, भांग, यार्न, एल्यूमीनियम, लकड़ी, धातु सामग्री, आदि से बने होते हैं, और छायांकन और गर्मी इन्सुलेशन और इनडोर प्रकाश को समायोजित करने के कार्य होते हैं।

सामग्री के अनुसार,पर्दे are divided into cotton gauze, polyester cloth, polyester-cotton blended, cotton-linen blended, non-woven fabrics, etc. Different materials, textures, colors, patterns, etc. are combined to form different styles of पर्दे, which are matched with different styles. Interior design पर्दे.

The परदा control method is divided into manual and electric. Manual पर्दे include: manual opening and closing पर्दे, manual roller blinds, manual silk पर्दे, manual wooden blinds, manual Roman blinds, manual organ blinds and so on. Electric पर्दे include: electric opening and closing पर्दे, electric roller blinds, electric silk blinds, electric ceiling blinds, electric wood blinds, electric Roman blinds, electric organ blinds and so on. With the development of पर्दे, it has become an indispensable indoor decoration with a perfect combination of functionality and decoration.